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Rawlings Reservation

History Preserved

The Mound City National Cemetery Preservation Commission now occupies one of the oldest, most historic structures in Mound City. The surviving descendant of the family who lived in the house since the Civil War, Mary Catherine Willis, gifted it to the Commission. Mary says she was thrilled when the Commission agreed to accept the property, knowing it would be preserved and its history honored.


Moses M. Rawlings, the founder of Mound City, built the house in 1854. The house served as a general store, post office, hotel, and even a barracks for troops guarding the Navy Depot. The roof is original and made of iron. The house is known as the Rawlings Reservation,

a name the Commission may decide to use from now on. 

The Rawlings Reservation offers the Commission an exciting opportunity. Take a moment to watch and hear from Commission leadership about potential plans. 


Mary Catherine Willis is honored for her generosity and forethought to ensure the preservation of 315 S. Fourth Street, Mound City, Illinois for future generations to enjoy. 


The Commission will publish much more about the house and its future plans in the coming months. There's so much more to tell you about the house and its history and how it relates to Mound City. 

In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to the commission. We're looking for volunteers - the only requirement: a love history! 

Special thanks to Richard Kuenneke of Deep Roar Content

for creating the video on this page.

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